Sunday, 26 September 2010


Something I've always disliked is having to rely on other people - yes, I'm a wee bit of a control freak, and as I've mentioned before, very independent.   Plus other people do have a tendency to let you down.  Getting one's leg broken and not being able to drive kind of scuppers the control freakishness since I am now at the  mercy of others to get anywhere; and even worse I have to be the passenger in the car, aagghh!

It reminds me how much we take for granted when we are able-bodied and independent.

When Mr H. was here it was no problem of course, but now I don't have that spontaneity; if I need to go anywhere then I have to find someone to drive me.  Thankfully, it's surprising how little I actually need to go out, or want to - I am becoming a bit of a recluse!  Huddled in my little house with my dog and computer and books - and PG Tips - there is little else I need.  But every now and then I do have needs (no, not that sort); for instance if I did decide to take Django to the vet.   It's only around the corner but it's far enough to be a bit of an issue to walk, especially with a dog that insists on walking in front because Pointers don't consider heelwork to be a necessity in life.

During the week most of my friends, totally inconsiderately I might add, go to work; and if they aren't working they are busy Having a Life.   I would ask my parents but they are away for a month (and yes, I know that before they went I was quite relieved at the prospect of a month's respite from Feeling Obliged). The friend who took him for the walk offered to give me a lift, as she is at home all day with a baby; but then called me to say her husband had just been taken to hospital after a rugby-playing accident, so of course now we are worrying more about him than some measly dog-leg cut.  

That got me thinking who I would ask in this theoretical situation? and I came to the conclusion that I'd have to ask my boss to let one of my colleagues out of the office for an hour.  But all in all, the hassle of it is just one more reason not to go.

I don't want to have to resort to asking Douglas to take me in his A35


  1. You could train him to go himself....he could have a wee note from you explaining what the problem was tucked into his collar...what do you mean that would never work?

    C x

  2. oh my, what a conundrum ,and i can totally relate (my d/h accuses me of being a control freak, i think he exaggerates LOL )I hope Django is feeling better though and he doesn't have to go to the vet, or any other unforeseen event where you need a ride.

  3. Carol, I've asked him and he says he'd really rather stay here and sleep in the sunny patch.

    Twain12, he's definitely feeling better today - yesterday he was drooping around feeling sorry for himself; today he has lots of energy and has decided he likes the taste of vetrap and licks it so much that it slips down his leg! but the wound is clean and not bleeding so will just keep an eye on it. And no, I haven't got one of those buckets to put over his head ;-)


  4. Wish we were still next door:-(

  5. I know it's off topic, but on this side of the pond we never stop learning from the Brits. "Scuppers"? A fantastic word! By the way, I'm pretty sure being huddled in a little house with a dog and computer and books is what we refer to as the "American Dream." Be well.

  6. JJ, I presume you worked out from the context what it means ;-)

    I chuckled at 'The American Dream', it certainly could be a lot worse!

  7. I'll confess. *hanging head* I'm just as 'independent'. Actually, 'self sufficient' is my word--if I can't do it without the aid of another, it really doesn't need doing.
    Sheeesh....I drove myself during my years of chemotherapy--counted the minutes so I knew exactly how long I had before the 'ickies' would begin.

    If I were you and I had the luxury, I'd call a cab...or manipulate to drive with the other foot. *laughing* Did that when I had a 'boot' on a busted right foot. NOT that I'd advocate for you or anyone else use that solution!!!!

    See!!! *hanging head*

    I know!! I KNOW!!!!!! My bad....

  8. Haha!! thanks for the morning giggle :-) well compared with you I fall short in the self-sufficiency stakes I fear..!! In some areas I like being looked after, what I don't like is the lack of Just Do It. I'm far too scared to try and drive left legged ;-) (especially as I'm not sure I won't freak when I drive anyway..)

    I think I have taken a cab in my hometown once in my life - it never occurs to me to be so extravagant! Anyway no probs, got a friend lined up for today :-)




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