Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Next Step

Today the course books for my 2nd year of Open University arrived in a large, heavy, daunting looking box. 

Opening it didn't make me feel any better...

but then I realised these are the books for the entire year (last year they sent it in two batches).

Five thick books, two thinner ones; five audio CDs, various videos, statistics software; history of psychology downloads, assignment details, examination advice... it's all a bit overwhelming.

Having decided that "if Mr H can do a degree....",  I am studying towards (probably) a Psychology degree though in the back of my mind I still might veer off on the Criminology route, though that's unlikely as I don't think I could keep up interest through the criminal justice system module.

Last year I studied Social Sciences which is an introductory course to many degrees, and covers subjects diverse as "psychology, social policy, criminology, geography, environment, politics, international studies, economics and sociology".  An interesting year although some bits were like struggling through thick mud (not mentioning any names: economics).

My 2nd year is Exploring Psychology so now we start getting down to the nitty gritty, and though somewhat concerned at how my already struggling brain will cope with more workload, I know that I Can Do It.

And true to form, because the course doesn't start until October 2nd, I will be starting this weekend!


  1. Criminology sounds SUPER interesting :) I studied psychology and although super fun and interesting in its own right, it's so hard to find a job unless you go "all the way".

  2. JJ: Among my zillion pursuits in life, I have taught Criminology for many years. I would be more than happy to field any questions, which might help you in the decision-making process. No pressure at all. Just send an e-mail anytime.

  3. Annah: the studying is just as much for my own interest as for a future career (since I will be almost 50 by the time I finish!) and I'm not sure I want to specialise too much; and also although I find the criminology and social order does grab my interest, I have no interest in working in the prison service, probation or being a social worker, so it would probably be wasted... whereas I think straight Psychology would have wider applications.

    JJ: thank you very much, I will certainly bear you in mind if I'm still indecisive after I've done a bit more study this year! I have to decide one way or another at the end of this 2nd year as that's when the courses take different routes.

  4. i love the smell of an OU package when it arrives....reading this I am catapulted back in time!

  5. Good luck with your studies...i use to think about going back to school but right now i don't know what i want to be when i grow up.


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