Monday, 27 September 2010

Because You're Worth It

Well last night I had a more thorough look at it, and given that it was now impossible to keep a dressing on it (because Vetrap tastes SO good!) I decided on the vet.   So I called this morning and got a 9.50am appointment and my friend from work was duly allowed out to give us a lift. 

While we were in the waiting room an acquaintance came in and we started chatting about her daughter who I know, and their dogs; and then she said "So what happened to you?".  I was just about to tell her about Django slashing his leg open on a bit of sharp tree when I realised she was talking about ME!   happily sitting there with my crutches.  It just goes to show how we get used to things; and at that moment all my thoughts were on my poor little puppy.

One of our favourite lady vets was on duty; she looked at the wound and said the problem is that it is this way up:

This is a black & white Pointer's front leg ;-)

and said something about the blood flowing from top to bottom which means it's not flowing into the torn edges of the 'flap'.  It would be much simpler if it had been this way up:

Had he had any breakfast?  Yes at 7am.  Ok well he'll just have a sedative rather than an anaesthetic then.  OK good (my head also thinking a sedative must be cheaper than a full on anaesthetic...). 

"Give us a call at about 1 o'clock to see how he is."  OK. 

Meanwhile Django was standing there wagging his tail asking for the dog treat he normally gets on a vet visit! 

It was about 2.45pm before he was ready and awake enough to be collected; the nurse who talked us through everything looked at me and said "Is that still from your car crash?"  - she must have been on duty when Django was brought in for his 3-day check over; and she remembered him from when he was a puppy, too!  All the staff in our vet practice are lovely.

Here is a picture of the two invalids; he has a lovely luminous yellow bandage:

Soooo, now he is home and sleeping; and can only have white fish/rice for tea (luckily I keep some in the freezer for emergencies) and only out in the garden on the lead, no exercise.   He is back for a post-op check up on Thursday afternoon, which is good because Mr H. will be home then so we can go together.

Oh and I'll be getting the insurance claim form out... £192!

But he's worth it.


  1. What a pair the two of you make!! I'm glad all is well with your little one :-)

    C x

  2. Oh boy that's a classic photo! Poor you! Poor Django! Actually you look a great deal happier than your dog! :D

  3. I was laughing at him making the effort to sit up, poor thing still under the influence of the sedation. He's still not quite sure where he's supposed to be or what he's supposed to do when he gets there, bless him ;-)

  4. They are indeed expensive to keep, so oh so priceless! Love the pic, and am glad he's on the mend now, too.

    You two make quite the pair :)

  5. The caption should read, "Four Great Legs."

  6. *chuckling* I'm with JJ-- Great photo. The pup does look a bit to the right. LOL Poor thing.
    But he gets pretty neon dressings...and stubbles on his leg that'll drive him nutzo....poor thing.
    He deserves a treat! :-)

    Got there--got pup cared for. Undoubtedly he's worth more than the vet cost.

    Ohhh..and the spousal unit is returning!!!
    Woooohoooooo!!!!! :-)

  7. I hope you and your pooch get well soon.

  8. Thanks CJ and Mel; he got a treat last night, cuddling on the bed with me. He is NEVER allowed on the bed!! normally he is allowed on our laps on the sofa, but of course that isn't practical for me at the moment. So we had a lovely bonding hour while watching Toy Story.

    He is going to be SO excited to see Daddy tomorrow :-) he's so much more relaxed when we are both here.



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