Monday, 20 September 2010

Shorts: Identity change!

I have been having a think and decided to change my name from J.J.,  there is also now the confusion of JJ - we are following each others blogs and it can get confusing!

So I am reborn under the name JUNIPER.... stick with me ;-)


  1. whatever works for ya!.I can see where JJ could get confusing..

  2. Juniper (I love that name) thanks for the visit to my blog. Your header photo is wonderful!!

  3. Thanks kenju, the photo was taken one summer evening on our local beach. I like to think it represents having my feet on the ground but gazing into the open future..

  4. Juniper is a fantastic name, and fits you much better than me. I apologize for the confusion. I like your blog - and I agree with Kenju about the photo. Thanks.

  5. Juniper...I like it. Really pretty color comes to mind.

    Carol-the gardener


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