Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Be Careful

I first quote from a fellow blogger 829 South Drive, from a post which I read, commented on, and decided I wanted to share the sentiment here:

"There's a blogger out there that not too long ago voiced his dislike of being told to "be careful" before going somewhere or doing something.

"Is there ever a time when a thoughtful farewell of "be careful" actually resulted in that person who received that farewell having taken actions that he or should would not have normally taken?, ie, the "be careful" comment having helped? And even if a major fluke of an accident did take place -- like a car accident or slipping in the shower and breaking your skull -- could the most careful person have avoided it with even the most obsessive precautions taken? Answer: no.

We live in a pretty safe world. The odds are in your favor to do whatever you want in over 190 countries and not come away harmed. "Be careful". What a shallow thing to say, based in fear."

Our sailor had a different take on it. In his view, "be careful" meant "I care for you and I want you back alive and in health."

This latter view is absolutely how I see it as well.

After the car crash, whenever Mr H. leaves to drive to Scotland, or to a friend in the Cotswolds, or to Pontypridd to see a van, I hesitate over what to say: "Drive carefully"? I know that he will.  "Drive safely"? which actually means 'arrive safely'.

Perhaps all I need to say is "I love you, do your best to avoid idiots on the road".


  1. Tony immediately said that your last comment was the same, of course he would do his best to avoid idiots.
    I rather like 'may the Gods be with you' even if I don't believe in them

  2. Ah, but the thing is that most of the time you don't think about it... how many times do you find you've been driving along and suddenly realise you can't remember the last 5 miles, because you've been 'miles away' thinking about something else?

  3. I saw your comment on Baydog's blog which took me here. Get well quick! My best wishes from France.


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