Saturday, 18 September 2010

Forever together

Just over three years ago, Mr H. asked tentatively whether we could have new wedding rings.   When we got married in 1989, we didn't have a whole lot of money and our wedding rings were 'economical'; over the years they got scratched, bent, dented and because of a problem with his finger Mr H. couldn't get his off.  NOT that he wanted to take it off regularly, before you all go "a-HA!!!", but he was an upholsterer and on occasion it was inconvenient not being able to remove it.  

Anyway, after a few moments thought I said Yes, why not; they are symbols of our marriage, but when I thought about it, it didn't really matter to me if we wore those rings or any other ones, it was being together that mattered..  So, for our 18th anniversary we bought ourselves new, grown-up wedding rings. 

Mr H. had to have his old one cut off and we asked the jeweller to have the two rings soldered together so that they were forever linked; and thus they have remained, hanging on the dresser... except that right now I am wearing them:

A corollary to the story: a few weeks later I noticed that the soldering line on my new ring was visible so I took it back to the jewellers to get it fixed.  She was incredibly apologetic when she said it would take 2 weeks as they had to send it back to the person who had made it.  "Oh that's fine, don't worry" I said, casually; she looked a little shocked at my lax attitude and I realised that she thought we were newly-weds! I explained that we'd been married 18 years; I think she thought it rather odd...


  1. The jeweller may be surprised but I think that's lovely.

  2. JJ: I am proud of you. To hell with the jeweler, (or as you Brits say, jeweller). My wife and I got the same result from the opposite direction. We spent thousands on the original wedding rings, and struggled for years paying them off (just stupid).

    On August 1st, I celebrated a BIG marriage milestone, and my beautiful bride of many, many years exchanged new rings with me. Neither one of us had been able to wear our original symbols for two years, Carol due to arthritis in her fingers, and I due to various sports-related injuries. My new ring is titanium, and she bought it on sale for $80.00. My wife's is gold, and it cost me $225.00. I cannot imagine a more happily married couple. Rings are symbols, indeed.

  3. I just found your site through the follow me on friday blog hop. I'm now following you and hope you will stop by and see mine as well. I look forward to read more of your stories.

    Carol-the gardener

  4. JJ: Congratulations on your Big Anniversary!! wishing you many more happy years :-)

  5. When I got married we were how fast can we do it and how cheaply. To me and my husband marrige was just making a legal bond.

    Our bond of togetherness had been made much ealier ;) .

    I chose my symbol of marrige to be a pendant as I was working in child care at the time and lets just say young children are messy and its not always paint. So I would be needing to wash my hands a lot and a ring would get in the way. Also my hand just doesn't suit rings.

  6. CJ: that's a good idea. Rings can be inconvenient sometimes. Do people think you aren't married because the natural place to look is your hand?

    I wanted to be married without all the wedding stuff, but at 23 and living at home I wasn't going to get away with anything other than a 'normal' wedding! but we made it as low key as possible.

  7. Can't say the not wearing a ring hasn't been a issue for me and to tell the truth I don't care. Hubby wears a ring but thats only because his mum gave him his dads (who had passed away) ring. Must say I have got out of the habit of wearing the pendant as my little lad would grab it when he was little.

    On the wedding itself after being a bridesmaid a few times through boring church services I was like I want this this to be as short as possible with no religion. The family was lucky that we gave them 4 weeks notice we could have gotten married after 2 weeks LOL.

    I think I annoy the family a little as on these major issues I stand my ground including raising my little lad. :)

  8. Good for you :-) I am much better at that now, living how I want to live. It's our lives, right?

    If I met someone I wanted to marry now I would do it -very- differently; I know more who I am and and what I want now. At 21/22 I knew nothing.


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