Friday, 10 September 2010

The Complete Maus

It started with this status by a teacher friend on Facebook:  "Have I lent someone my copy of Maus? (comic strip book about the holocaust...) Can't find it in the book case."

Well, I thought, that sounds interesting - you don't often see 'comic' and 'holocaust' in the same sentence.  As is my wont, I had to investigate so off I went to my best friend Amazon to check it out.

It is what it said on the packet, a comic strip layout true story about the author's Jewish father's life from the mid-1930s through the war, including being sent to Auschwitz.  The story is being told to Art Spiegelman, the author, and includes the dialogue between father and son as he tells him the story. The Jews are portrayed as mice, the non-Jewish Poles as pigs and the Germans as cats; showing them as animals rather than humans really adds to the effect of the book.

I'm only half way through it, but for anyone who likes a fascinating read in a pictorial layout, I'd definitely recommend it.

MAUS on Amazon UK

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