Saturday, 4 September 2010

Broken femur essentials!

I thought I'd show you the things that I have gathered over the last couple of months which make my life easier, recommended for anyone with a broken leg!

A footstool, acquired by Mr H. from one of his upholstery friends.  Cost £0.

Bubba Keg insulated mug, makes it easy to transport your drink (because of the lid), and it is still hot when you get there!  And it's cool shocking pink. Cost £8.

An everyday shoulder bag for transporting books, phones, writing paper and pen, camera etc.  This one came from my aunt. Cost £0.

'Bucket' bag for transporting my Bubba Keg mug and biscuits, and other things that don't fit well in the shoulder bag.  A present from a friend a few years ago. Cost £0.

An office space with a suitable chair, so there is a specific space to keep the work laptop and other stuff.  The chair was being thrown out by our office. Cost £0.

A showering stool, essential for those of us without a bath!  My parents had this one hanging around in the loft, so cost to me £0, but they are quite expensive to buy.  Non slip shower mat £12.95.

Bathroom stool to collapse gratefully onto once I have negotiated getting out of the shower without slipping.  Also good for sitting to wash or scrub all that dry skin off my legs.  Had it years, cost £0.

The best thing of all, my trolley!  Mr H. found this in a junk shop in Lymington and with a tray on top (model's own) it is used for transferring meals from worktop to table; without the tray it is used for transferring clothes to and from the washing machine. Cost £14.

Long handled dustpan and brush. I have found I have to sit down to use it safely but it does mean I can reach a long way!  It means I can keep the level of dog hair in the kitchen down to acceptable levels.  Cost £20.

Folding stool for cooking and washing up. It is officially an Ironing Stool haha! not much of that goes on around here.  Much cheaper and more convenient than mobility 'perching stools'.  Cost £18.99

Last but not least, lightweight, half-cuff folding crutches.  SO much more comfortable than the standard NHS issue, and can be folded away under your chair when you're out, so people don't trip over them.  They come in 16 different colours too!  Pricey but worth it.  Cost £82.50 inc postage from Chic Aid Crutches

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  1. I especially like the huge pink mug and the trolley with model's own tray. You knew all that stuff from the attic would come in one day :-)


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