Monday, 20 September 2010

Girlie? Me? Never....

I have never been a girlie girl.  As a child I hung out with my older brother and learned how to fire his air-gun and listened to his LPs, and my tomboy attitude has pretty much continued into my adulthood, with the exception of the shooting and I do have occasional lapses into a dress.

But I have just discovered Cath Kidston stationery, very girlie, very pretty.  It started with some notepaper (the downside being you only write on one side) and some stickers (who can resist that?).    Then my friend bought me a notebook... well I decided to use it for my study notes and the paper is so smooth, just the right thickness, my pen just flows across the page; and it's so pretty...  Yikes, I am a total convert to girlie-ness!! At least in the stationery department.

I need more of these, before they are discontinued: cue my best friend, for the best price on Cath Kidston notebooks; I will be on the doorstep tomorrow waiting for the postman. And while he's at it hopefully he will deliver the letter from Mr H. which was posted last Thursday and is evidently stuck in a sorting office somewhere, grrr.


  1. Just popped over from Kenju's blog! My younger daughter was recently given a Cath Kidston notepad with stickers as she loves it!

    I've been selling some Cath Kidston bits and pieces on Ebay, I have to admit to finding it just too girlie for my liking, but boy is she popular!

  2. Thanks for dropping by! I just looked at your profile, you certainly don't look like you'd fit the 'typical Cath Kidston consumer' profile ;-)

  3. I have the lovely notebooks, but the letter is still stuck in limbo somewhere and has been overtaken by 2 more! :-(


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