Monday, 20 September 2010

I'm 'on holiday'

Yesterday I decided to go on holiday from Facebook for a week, and maybe longer if I feel that way.   Amongst other reasons, I realised that I had got into a spiral of looking at it far too often when I should be doing something useful with my mind.

Yes it is a great place for keeping in touch with friends, especially those overseas; and my nieces who I do not see in the flesh often enough. But too many of my friends are through work, so it is all about boats; or its weddings (and WHY do I find myself looking at all the photos of people I don't know?) and soon it will be skiing season (yawn).

Posting a status becomes a challenge to either be hilariously funny or provoke comments (mind you, there are blogs like that too and I'll save that for another post!) rather than just Being Oneself.

Yesterday morning a friend posted something which irritated me, virtually accusing me of lying but she was just trying to be funny for her friends. I rose above the temptation to post a reply but it had me wound up for the entire morning until I thought "this is ridiculous, why am I letting it have this effect on me?", and at that point decided to go On Holiday.

Even after one day, I am feeling relaxed and somehow carefree!   This morning I have caught up with updated blogs - as I am in the UK, the ones the other side of the Pond get written while I'm sleeping - and found a couple of new ones through comment links. 

Blogs actually give me something to think about and stimulate my mind; so much better than "XXX is going to work, I HATE Mondays" blah blah...

So, my last word yesterday was "J.J. has gone away".    I wonder if they'll even miss me.

Where I am holidaying, in my mind.....


  1. More important, are u? Glad u didn't say anything..Silence will beat them to a pulp. lol

  2. My aim for this week is not to let anything wind me up! difficult sometimes with work... if it starts stressing me out I'll stop for a lonnnng cup of tea ;-)


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