Monday, 27 September 2010


My mind is blank.

A friend brought lasagne over for dinner. We resisted eating the Gu puddings in the fridge.

Now she has gone and I am left with no opinion, question or thought about anything whatsoever to write about.

Mr H. is home on Thursday morning for four whole days; this is definitely a very good thing.

I am having x-rays next Monday; this is also a very good thing.

Other than that, Django and I have just been lying listening to the radio and thinking about nothing.  Well he might have been thinking about pheasants, but he hasn't said.

Maybe I will wake up in the morning inspired or opinionated.  Is it nearly Thematic Photographic day again, Carmi?

Until then, here is a gratuitous photo of Marilyn.. she and I share a birthday, albeit 40 years apart.  I look at this and wonder why anyone would want to be skinny?  What do you think?


  1. i think you are right :)
    Sometimes a quiet mind is a good thing , so enjoy the nothingness !

  2. Thematic day is this coming Thursday, so we're not that far off :)

    I've never understood why modern ideals of beauty trend toward waif-like body types. Nothing lovely about someone who's starved him or herself.

    Somewhere in between too-thin and too-overweight, there's true beauty. Ms. Monroe typified it, and this picture reminds us why.

  3. I love Marilyn. She was a size 12 I think right?

    Carol-the gardener

  4. We are fortunate. We expand and contract freely. Marilyn was another victim. And what a face!

  5. She was a dynamic beauty--that's for sure.

    There is such a thing as too thin.
    And there's such a thing as a nothing day.
    I think I took one last was wonderful!

  6. I love this photo of her, she looks so carefree although she wasn't. Poor Marilyn, I wonder what her blog would have been like...?

    Carol, I imagine she'd have been a (UK) 12, she's about the same size/shape as me. Hey all I need is that swimsuit, a hairstylist and makeup artist... haha ;-)

    Carmi, I look forward to Thursday :-)


  7. She looks really sexy doesn't she! I read somewhere that she was between a UK 14 and 16.

    Yup, would definitely rather look like her than Kate Moss!

    C x

  8. Definitely!! Waifs R Out.

    I tried being slim but it was just too much hard work - who wants to have to spend 3 nights in the gym every week to be a certain shape? not me, I'd rather have a life.

    Mr H. worries about me 'turning into my mother' which is why he won't let me buy treats when he's at home haha!

    If she was 14-16, I'm a 12-14 so I think I'll have another couple of Minstrels ;-)


  9. Just yesterday we watched the Jack Black movie that featured, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" yes funny man Jack Black who a guru gave him pause to see beauty even if things weren't so pretty. Great movie. Your nothingness question I love. Even with all the things I am thankful for I have days where I ask myself why do I feel all this nothingness? so on those days I fight with myself to look deeper at one very important thing and just focus...usually it brings me back..but other times when life gets busy I believe those feelings of nothingness matter. I enjoy your deep thoughts that make us stop and think!


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