Sunday, 19 September 2010


This could possibly be the first day since June 27th that I have had nothing, absolutely NOTHING, in my diary.  And even if it isn't it feels like it!    No appointment, no work to do, no visitors....  a whole day of just me and Django chilling out, in our pyjamas if we so wish.

I thought this morning about those people who a century ago would have 'taken a cottage in the country' or gone off to some exotic island for a month to recuperate from something like this.  Unfortunately I already live in a cottage in the country (or near enough anyway), and a month in the tropics is not on the agenda; for one thing, I need to pay the mortgage!   So it's real life for me....

Instead I will relish days like this of peace and quiet; read my book, have my barefoot therapy if I feel like it, and generally do exactly as I please.

This is a not-at-all-relevant photo: Mr H. took it during a drive around his forest district in Ayrshire;  it is my current laptop wallpaper and makes me smile :-)


  1. Enjoy the quiet Day....i hope you have nice weather to boot :)

  2. I've had days like that... Sheer bliss.


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