Friday, 17 September 2010

Recurring dream

I have a bit of a recurring dream since the crash.  No it is nothing to do with the incident itself, not flashbacks of white trucks or anything like that. I dream about walking.

Specifically, I dream about accidentally walking without my crutches, and then panicking that I've done untold damage to the metalwork inside my leg, and the consultant is going to be furious with me and I'll have to have another operation. Last night's dream was the first time that I actually found myself limping down the pavement to walk to work; suddenly realised I'd forgotten my crutches and rushed back indoors for them!

Maybe someone can interpret this for me ;-)

Later edit...  while indulging in a hot shower and contemplating the fact that I suddenly can't cope with all the things I 'have' to fit into my days at the moment, it became perfectly clear to me...   I'm not ready for life in general without crutches yet; in other words periods of rest, friends to help with everyday stuff, and friends to take me out of my head when I need it.    For a naturally independent person and hard worker, this is hard to do.

Last night I was feeling very stressed and depressed, but couldn't answer the question "what's the matter?".  Just talking about and working all this out has made me feel a whole lot better about things.


  1. dissecting our dreams sure is fun, isn't it ?
    for the most part i don't bother but when the dreams become disturbing or follow me through the day it is another thing. I'm glad you figured it out and feel better :)

  2. As far as interpreting this photo.. It would be to obvious to dwell on the negative.. I look at the crutches as your 'friend', someone who is there whenever u need them.

  3. Twain: nor do I normally, but this one keeps coming back and is the first recurring dream I've ever had.

    Kalei's BF: Hello! Yes they definitely are, they look after me wherever I go at the moment :-)

  4. To all you psychology students out there. The following is a short story I wrote for my friend, JJ. It is entitled, "No More Crutches."

    Consultant: "I'm furious. You will need another operation!"

    JJ: "No I won't."

    The End

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  6. Haha, short and sweet, thank you JJ! :-)


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