Saturday, 25 September 2010

Who, me? Silver Linings

Oh my goodness, I don’t know what to say... does this mean I Have Arrived!?  Me, Myself and I at Ramblings of an Emotional Idiot has been kind enough to give me a Blog Award!

Thank you so much, it’s my very first one ever; and I probably wouldn’t have got it and met some of you lovely people if I hadn’t had my leg broken (note the correct passive tense); so you see, Every Cloud and all that...

I am absolutely delighted to accept and so glad my scribblings aren’t wasted ;-)
To accept this fabulous award there are a few rules.

1. Give credit to the person who bestowed it and post the link to their blog.

2. Pass the award on to 10 new blogs you have discovered.

3. Contact the recipients and let them know.

4.Click on the picture above and save, show off where ever you want!

So, here are 10 blogs, some of which I have been reading a while and some I have very recently discovered, that I am enjoying reading and to whom I wish to award this One Lovely Blog:

Mels Dream
The Disconnected Writer
Notes from Inside my Head
A Year Down the Line
Earth to Anne a very new blogger that definitely has potential :-)
Giddy Fingers
Not Only in Thailand
Throw Grammar from the Train

A varied bunch, that’s the way I like ‘em – take a look for yourselves !


  1. Juniper, thanks so much for the award; it's greatly appreciated!

    As for your comment on the garage sale - I think you know me well! LOL

  2. Juniper,

    Thank you for the award, I am honoured. Although I am not sure how to drink the roses? A good old English Breakfast tea would go down better and preferably with some biscuits on the side please :)

  3. Marsy, I agree; in fact I have just been enjoying the same!


  4. Juniper: Wow! I sincerely appreciate the compliment. I have enjoyed your blog and I definitely will suggest that others follow along. Thanks again.

  5. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. I have so little time thought that I'm not sure I've found 10 new blogs recently - how awful is that? Am going to read yours though - I particularly love that your parents had the same coffee grinder that we did! Wonder what on earth happened to it? I think we bought an electric one and binned the old one, how sad - that windmill though, childhood memory!

  6. Sparx, you're welcome ;-)

    Ref 10 new blogs, I know what you mean; it's only my broken leg that is giving me time for blog-surfing!

    What a coincidence about the coffee grinder! and how childhood memories stick around. My parents also got an electric one, what a horrible angry, noisy thing it was.


  7. Congratulations, I will check out the blogs although I know Kenju pretty well already!

  8. Congratulations on your first blog award...I know it will be the first of many! And thank you so much for passing it onto me you lovely lady you :-). I shall display it with pride!

    C x

  9. Congratulations on your award!

    Carol-the gardener

  10. Awwww....well, thank you! Very kind.... I'm honoured, truly.

    In the meantime--I'm with ya on the 'silver lining' deal.
    I started the weblog as a simple means to keep in contact with a few already established friends and I've gained least!

  11. Mel - me too, I had one friend with a blog (One Year Down the Line) and decided to start my own in autumn '09; but it was fairly sporadic until I ended up with all this time on my hands.

    Then I used to try the Next Blog button at the top but it was hopeless! Just ended up on weird pages. So then I took to looking people up from comments and blogrolls, and have found some wonderful stuff :-)



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