Tuesday, 7 September 2010

No time like the present

I want to quote from an e-mail that I just had from.... well, someone who I met who I feel might become a friend.  

"Great to hear you are getting about even if on the hop, March is a little way off but maybe it was just time for you to sit and look at the world for a while so embrace it. I'm sure something magical will come from life being lived in a new way for a while... Sometimes we need to look at the apparently awful sideways to realise everything is tainted by the way we look at it."

I almost feel that I have already wasted much of the last two months on looking ahead to when this will all be over, whereas I should be making the most of the present.  I should be using this opportunity to see things differently; expand my mind; consider what is important in life; take the time to think, while I do not have to be rushing from home to office to shops and back again.  

But often it is so much easier to say than do. Yet another day slips by with too much time spent on the computer....!  or flitting between working and doing things around the house.

Slowing down  and considering is a skill to be learned, I think; most of us aren't very good at it.

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  1. I can see that that must be so much harder to do than to say. But keep practising and you'll get there x


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