Tuesday, 28 September 2010

How low is your immunity?

Ok, this is the sort of article which makes me steaming mad (and since I'm in that sort of mood today....):

Household BACTERIA paranoia

Seriously, I am NOT going to catch meningitis from my phone.   And as for the suggestion to wash my clothes in bleach....!?!     I don't even keep bleach in the house, never use it.

When will people learn that a reasonable amount of dirt builds up immunity?  all this constant cleaning and disinfecting is unhealthy.

I will continue to pick up the dropped knife from the floor, pick off the stray dog hairs and carry on eating. And I will be fine.


  1. No bleach?? How do you clean your loo?

  2. bleach is good especially if u have hard water stains in the toilet..

  3. KBF: I have no objection to using it to clean the loo, but I do object to the suggestion that we should wash our clothes in it at 95 degrees...! (would anything fit any more?). And for that matter what happened to washing everything at 30 deg to save energy?

    Twain12: glad it's not just me ;-)

  4. bleach actually destroys clothes.. eventually little holes appear after using it... when my mom would hang clothes out to dry, the sun would actually bleach out the little stains.. alot better than using bleach

  5. Bleach? I live in Florida where it is indispensible for keping mold out of an air cooling system. Otherwise, it belongs in the loo.

  6. This article brought to you by the makers of antibacterial wipes.



    Makes ya wonder, doesn't it?

    <-- plays in dirt

    I find it entertaining that the answer to the flu is to give yourself a dose of the virus and then advise you to wash your hands so you don't get it? *scratching head*

    Lemme get back to you on that. LOLOL

  7. I did look around the page to see if it were some kind of joke.. but like you say more likely sponsored by anti-bacterial wipes ;-)

    I've never used one in my life and there's nowt wrong with me.

    Enjoy playing in the dirt, it's the best fun :-)



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