Friday, 24 September 2010

Dog clock

I don't have an alarm clock.  Every morning at 7am (or maybe 5 minutes either side) Django pads in from his bed in the kitchen to wake me up; it's like one of those 'sunrise' alarm clocks that is supposed to wake you up gently, except this is a rustle of bed, and dog claws on the kitchen floor, and then the sound of breathing in my room.   Sometimes I open my eyes and he is just sitting in the doorway looking at me; other times he comes right up to the bed.

Every morning I look at my watch to check that it really is time to wake up, and am impressed that yet again it is about 7am, regular as... well clockwork.

This morning I pretended to be asleep as he stood by my bed; and then I threw back the cover with a "BOO!!". Django jumped a mile and then turned into a wriggly, waggy I-love-you-mummy puppy :-)

What I can't work out is why it doesn't work in the afternoon?   Dog tea time used to be 6pm, but that was when he didn't get his breakfast until after a walk; so I have relented to 5pm.   And he starts asking for it at 4pm.... hmm I guess after a hard day's sleeping, a barefoot therapy stroll round the garden and a short walk if I've had an available friend that day, a dog needs his dinner!


  1. Hehehe, our cats are the same...well, one of them is (the fat one!). In saying that, his times vary and he can be a wee bugger when he decides that 5am should be breakfast time!

    It's lovely when our pets get all excited to see us in the morning!

    C x

  2. Django is one good looking pooch!


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