Monday, 31 January 2011

Notes from today

What can I say about today?

- On the way to work I did the Social Stroll around the park with Django and made conversation with the Woodside Walkers (a group of retirees who I usually see on my walk to work, with their various dogs). The ooh-d and aah-d over Django and we left just as Lola The Showgirl was arriving. 

- We had two dogs in the office today - Django and Daisy. They were so excited to see each other... ok, Daisy was. By 10am they were both blotto behind me. Perhaps we should start a dog creche?

- The crisis that I thought was sorted out on Friday got reincarnated by the 'politicians' so I had yet another day banging my head against the wall in frustration.

- On my way back to the office at lunchtime, I met a man driving half on my side of the road who then swerved to avoid me. Thanks for that mate. 

- I had great plans for doing some studying tonight but ended up mooching on the computer, writing a letter to the police (to say thank you for being so nice), cooking tea and then watching half a film called The Notebook, which promises to be a real weepy. I'll watch the rest tomorrow.

So that's it really, regrettably I am an empty vessel this evening for blog fodder.


  1. Seriously--I NEED to know when it's 'Take your puppy to work day'. NOT that I have a puppy--but I'm thinking I know where I could borrow one!!! Or two.

    The neighbor has one that growls at me occasionally--definitely could find use for that one! :-/

  2. Why must people drive like idiots?

  3. I agree with Red!

  4. Mel - it's whenever you feel like it, as far as I'm concerned ;-)

    Sparkling Red - unfortunately there are far too many of them around here, especially when it comes to cutting off corners.

  5. I have to say that I would love to come and join you in England! Right now we're in the middle of a huge snowstorm, which was started last night with the laying down of an inch of ice. We're supposed to get another inch tonight after the snowfall.

    Your day sounded perfect.


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