Friday, 21 January 2011

Blind contour drawing Wk 3

This is my first attempt at Blind Contour art, that is drawing something without looking at your pencil/page/hands and just at the thing you are drawing. 

A bunch of bananas


  1. Of course it is! It also brings the thought of fingers to me...! Silly right? Just add a bit of hot RED! You'll see it then, or maybe not! I love drawing but for me it's usually a source of using up my paper....someday I hope to be a real artist! ha ha !

  2. BTW this also remeinds me of a colorless American flag I saw in a museum. First we see the image then we read from the artist, you will see this image in your head as red, white and blue even though it's really just slate blue, because you actaully pictured the American yes in this case you said bananas and I did see can you believe it, YELLOW with blacks marks!...but no green at all either! Isn't it remarkable what suggestive thoughts can trigger!

  3. Hi Juniper, These are wonderfully shaped bananas! It's neat how you achieve the right perspective even though you're drawing "blind"! Thanks for playing!

  4. Good job! I had to slog out in the snow for fresh bananas this morning.

  5. Frankly--this is probably close to what I'd end up with after hours of diligent attempts WATCHING the pencil and the fruit.

    Which is why I don't draw....LOL


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