Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Interim post and paperwork

Hi, sorry I've not posted but time ran away with me yesterday, I ended up working till 6.30pm and then flaking in front of a movie.  This evening I have been collating paperwork, receipts and photos etc. for the solicitor who is dealing with my damages/uninsured losses claim. It sounds like a date for the inquest will be forthcoming soon and things are moving along after what seems like a long, quiet period. 

She asked me for some photos of the scarring and the scar tissue on my hip so had to have a session with the camera.  In the end I sent her a disk full of various photos, who knows what might be useful.   It sounds as though I'm going to have an interim medical examination, which is good; if they waited until I'm completely better and back to the fitness I was before that could be the end of 2011.


This morning I spent an hour down in the boatyard with the two guys from work, doing some research.  Of course I snapped a couple of artistic shots in between the work photos!

I'm not sure the hole in the bow is such a good design idea.....


  1. Juniper: I don't think you have ever posted a photo I didn't like. Great shots!

  2. Zackly.....what JJ said.


    Well....'cept for that one photo.....


    (k.....I really AM an instigator, huh? LOLOL)

  3. Mel, I've been trying to remember which photo you didn't like...


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