Thursday, 13 January 2011

Ranting and driving (not at the same time)

Do you know what?   who cares what people I don't even know think about something when they don't even know what they are talking about?   But I know that whenever I write 'who cares?' it means I do.

I'm not sure that even makes sense but it is just another symptom of Facebook annoyance.  When someone puts a cryptic status, and then their friends jump on the bandwagon when they don't even know what it refers to, for goodness sake.  

And why do I let it wind me up so much?   Because I think it might refer to a joke comment I made to a friend earlier today, I thought nothing of it.  If she thought it was so bad she should have said so at the time and she didn't, but she did decide to put a status on facebook which may or may not be a joke and all her young mother friends are 'sticking up for her'.  

Whatever. Why I am even wasting keyboard space on it?  It must be time for another Facebook 'holiday'.

On a more important note, I drove today on the roads for the first time, which was cool. I have official permission from my doctor for short, local journeys, which means I can get myself to the office and back if nothing else.  It feels so good to have another little bit of independence.

So, deep breaths. Forget about annoying, petty minded people and concentrate on stuff that matters. That is what I shall do.

Oh, and I'll take that Facebook holiday.


  1. For a second I thought you were talking about my status...Haha, I was about to say, the girl that I was supposed to tutor didn't follow through so I made time for her for nothing.

    Have fun driving and taking that holiday!

  2. Juniper: I am very happy to learn of your driving progress. 2011 - What a difference! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Its too bad that person didn't have the chutzpah to tell u the truth.. the fact she had to say it on FB shows her cowardice...anyway- I got a copy of "F**k it"... somehow that title seems apropro for the incident u had...

  4. The facebook incident reminds me of the staffroom chatter where I used to work and how when a member of staff left the room they would immediatly start talking about that person, safe to say I never made any lasting friendships from that place as they all seemed to be band waggon junkies.

    Congrats on the driving.

  5. Well done on the driving!
    Yes, I find myself 'leaving' Facebook every few months - I just get sick of the phoney and specious statements that some people make...

    Hope the rant helped!

  6. Oh yes...let's care about the progress and being behind the wheel for short jaunts instead!! Much more worthy of note, methinks. :-)

    Wooooohooooo! Driving!!!! Now that--is way cooler than cool. :-D

  7. Yes! Driving again! Powerless without my wheels...of course I'm out in the country...but progress is on the up for you.... I totally agree with you as usual with FB and the good stuff usually out weighs the bad stuff...but why does the bad stuff always feels worse? Why is that?

  8. Whatever indeed.

    And such a huge independence to be driving again. Can you take Django out on your own too?

    I veer between irritation with Facebook and enjoying the level of contact that it gives. I'll know if you're not there it's not my fault :-) I hope?

  9. Ditz: no, definitely not you!

    JJ: Yes it feels like a huge step.

    KBF: I'm glad you managed to find the book! I did indeed think of it at the time, but need more practice ;-)

    Chibi: ah, staffroom bitching (or in our case, the kitchen is where it all happens). I can't stand it.

    Alexia: thanks, and yes it did!

    Mel: Indeed, maybe I should draw myself a Priorities chart for the wall ;-)

    Karen: In the same way that £/$ 50 going out of the bank account seems like so much more than £/$ 50 going into it. I wonder why we're programmed that way?

    Rosie: Definitely not your fault ;-) And I too like the contact with people I can't see in person very often. Yes I can take Django out, it will be nice to be able to take him up to the Forest, it's harder work walking from here because of the road bit I have to do first, and to get anywhere interesting takes too long! In fact I've only walked him once since Mr H left (Grandad has taken him out though).


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