Friday, 21 January 2011

Feelgood Friday: an afternoon off

I said I would and I did. Well ok I switched my work laptop off at 13.07, which considering I had had an morning of waiting for things to happen in the office, which then started happening at about 12.50, was good.  It can wait til Monday, I wanted some quality time with Django and myself.

After lunch I piled an exciting, bouncing dog into the back of the car and we went down to clifftop to 'take the air'.  

I used to eschew (what a great word) the clifftop, because they put a neat gravel path along it and it was always full of people walking their dogs along it, very slowly.  A bit like I am now in fact.  But I've come to rather like it, partly because I now have one, easy, polite dog and we don't have to choose walks to avoid other canines; and partly because I'm mellowing and am happy saying 'good morning' to complete strangers.  It is still a good idea to avoid people with picnics though.

So we strolled along, smiling and saying hello to people who were mostly retired (it being 2.30 on a Friday afternoon).   We paused occasionally to watch people walking on the beach or throwing stones for their dogs. There was a solitary man with a metal detector and a spade, I wonder if he'd found any washed-up treasure. We (Ok, I) occasionally stopped for a sit-down on one of the many benches, but I hadn't taken my book as I thought it would be too cold, so didn't sit for long.  

It's a beautiful, sunny day, about 4C but almost windless. I was wrapped up with coat, gloves and hat and as usual when walking Django I had one crutch with me for extra support.  I'm still sure some people look at me and wonder what's wrong with me, since I look normal (well, as normal as someone in a bright red down jacket can look) and don't walk with much limp at all with the crutch.     However, at one point today I had a refreshingly straightforward conversation with an elderly chap who was overtaking me.

"Is he behaving himself today?"  (nodding towards Django)

"Oh yes, he's a good boy."

"Why do you need a crutch?"

"Broken leg."

"Oh dear, recovering I hope?"

"Yes, thanks."

"How did you do that?"

"Car crash."

"Oh. Well as long as it's recovering."


And off he went.  


  1. Love this can't see but I'm actually dancing at the feel of FEELGOOD Friday..a long all week awaiting freedom myself...although my dogs won't be lucky for a fun walk in the sun is minus 18 degrees right now.. it was -29 degrees while we it will be fun enjoying life from the WINDOW! strange about the guy asking about the's odd to me, but maybe that's silly stupid me, but I wouldn't ask a complete stranger ever ...I think it's none of my business...but that's how my mom taught us...! I wonder about the draw those people have searching public places around here...usually they don't collect much, but have they ever found a major catch?

  2. Karen, it's unusual for people to ask here too. Older people do tend to be more straightforward though, but he wasn't rude or blunt, just matter of fact. I wouldn't ask someone either, unless I was already in conversation with them about something else, by which time you've judged whether you it's likely to be a personal question or not!

    Stay warm, indoors!

  3. People generally ask why I am in my wheelchair at some events and use my cane at others or get out of the chair and use my cane. They seem to think that because my right side is paralyzed I can't get up at all. After I explain that dragging my leg short distances actually helps the left side get stronger and that I tire easily walking with the cane they seem to understand. I laugh when people give us a hard time when hubby parks in the handicapped space and I am in the wheelchair but they will see me rise to reach something on a shelf. They actually think I am faking it to get the better parking space, even when they see my right arm /hand is useless. I hate people who judge by what they think instead of asking to find out so they know the whole situation.

  4. Hi Lori, thanks for visiting :-)

    I can imagine it! obviously I only have temporary 'impairment' but it has made me realise how people jump to conclusions because they don't know the facts (and don't bother to find out). And like you, different situations have called for different needs ie. wheelchair/2 crutches/one crutch so people see it as inconsistent.


  5. Well that is the good thing, it's recovering! And sooner than you realize you'll be back to how you were before you got into the crash. You are a strong person for pushing through this and Dj is a great dog for not giving you any trouble.

  6. YEAH!!!!!!

    You took Friday!!!
    You went places and did things and took the puppy!!
    You greeted people on the beach! And talked to 'em even!
    Gotta tell, in some places, doing that alone might earn ya head down/walk faster results....glares even.
    Silly people.

    YEAH for Friday indulgences! :-)

  7. That just sounds like a picturesque day.

    I love to walk my dog, but he does have issues with other dogs so I just can't relax. I am on constant alert.


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