Thursday, 20 January 2011

"But what about if we did this....."

Well what a day, I was due for my morning's stint in the office so was glad I put a cover over the windscreen last night as we've had a couple of freezing, clear nights.  I did drive rather gingerly to work on the frozen roads.   We've had days of rain so when it unexpectedly froze two nights ago rather a lot of people apparently came a cropper on the newly iced over flooded areas.

I digress.  I remembered to stop at the postbox to send my latest missive to Mr H on the way and arrived at the office ok.  Over the last couple of days I have been having some underlying anxiety about some technical stuff to do with work, you know just one of those 'I'm not happy about this' feelings. Usually when that happens there is a good basis for it, and this morning I was prompted to start a discussion on the subject with my boss.  That discussion turned into my spending the entire morning sitting with him in his office while we played with numbers and tried to find a solution.  It wasn't solved by lunchtime so I was back there this afternoon and we did reach a conclusion, agreed it with everyone we had to and implemented it, after which I felt a whole lot happier.

This evening was supermarket shopping evening with my best friend G.  Although I don't need her to take me to the supermarket any more, we both rather enjoy going together; she then comes back here for a meal plus whatever scrumptious pudding she has chosen.  Tonight I actually cooked a recipe that I picked up at the supermarket last time - Chicken thighs in an orange, honey (home grown of course), olive oil, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce. The chicken was supposed to marinate for 30 minutes before roasting, but mine marinated for 24 hours, and it was delicious!

Tomorrow morning will be busy, but then I have my afternoon's holiday which I WILL take.  The trouble with working at home is that you don't leave it at the office and it's too easy to think 'oh I'll just check my e-mails', or 'I'll just do so-and-so before I stop'.   Well, I will switch my work computer off at 1pm and after lunch I'll take Django out for a walk either on the Forest or the clifftop depending on the weather, and then maybe read my book and drink tea.

Sounds good to me.


  1. ...been a tad chilley up here also

  2. That's wonderful that you and your boss found a solution! I love it when moments like that happen!

  3. Bravo!
    And tea and a good book......another grand solution!


  4. Sounds good to me, too!
    I love those moments when you and colleague/boss are on the same wavelength and can work out the answers together. Mutual respect for each other's abilities = job satisfaction.

  5. You are very lucky to have a boss that is willing and able to work things out....we all aren't so lucky, and to further hubby's favorite line is, Well if it works, don't fix it... grrrr I won't even go there...!

  6. I am indeed very fortunate. It helps that I've been working there 8 years longer than him ;-) but yes we have mutual respect, and we see things from different viewpoints so that between us it works pretty well.

    Karen, in some case I would agree with your hubby - I don't like it when people f** with things just for sake of it. However in this case it wasn't going to work ;-)


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