Sunday, 23 January 2011

Friends, walks and inquests

I had a stroll along the cliff this morning with a friend and her young Labrador bitch. We were chatting away and I didn't realise how far we were walking... suddenly I realised that we'd gone much farther than I'd intended and we still had to walk back!  But it was fine, and on the way back we bumped into mutual friends who neither of us had seen for a while, so stood around for 20 minutes chatting to them while the two young dogs played and Django looked on from the shelter of my side. 

The conversation culminated in one of our friends saying "What would really be perfect now would be to have a table, chairs and windbreak and a massive cream tea (scones with lashings of cream and jam for those of you who are wondering) here on the clifftop".  At which point we all realised we were hungry and went our separate ways.

With it being almost 7 months since the crash, over the last week or so everything has started moving on the legal/admin front.  Yesterday I received an interim payment from the insurance company. When my solicitor told me last week I'd be getting one in advance of the inquest I was very surprised, I guess they aren't in too much doubt about the outcome.

The inquest is set for this Thursday 27th, thankfully I don't have to attend since the only witnesses called will be the police and the pathologist.  The lovely policeman who is handling the case has offered to come and visit me afterwards to go through it all, which I really appreciate since he must be busy.

Now I'm spending the afternoon studying, having been enthused to get on with my assignment after yesterday's OU day school.

Oh and I'm writing my blog and eating chocolate too.... and I have the ingredients sitting on the side to make some scones.


  1. Oh yum scones and cream and jam. French just don't do cream properly or chocolate....... I'm not reading this any more Jen :-(

    I am really x

  2. That cream tea picture looks so much as if it might be on the cliff top at Highcliffe somewhere.

  3. good to hear things are moving along...those scones look yummy

  4. Glad things are coming to a head for you... Sit back and relax, as soon as your case is closed then its time for celebration and time for YOU...

  5. The scones, a good treat for yourself--after chocolate, of course.
    The rest....gets to happen as it happens. One foot in front of the're moving forward and healing and that's a good thing.

    I've had cream teas, tyvm.
    I gotta say--I'll take coffee! And a homemade sugar cookie!......ummmm..frosted with an Elmo face!
    k....wait.....I couldn't bring myself to eat Elmo's face. LOL WHO did I think I was foolin'? LOLOL

  6. I want a scone with jelly now! They are so good.

    I hope the legal affairs get handled without too much hassle. But glad after only 7 months you've recovered really well! :)

  7. Oh my word you dare say/print/blog this while I'm so hungry, it brings back my sweet, very sweet and super-yummy visit to Sally Lunns in Bath!!!!! lol


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