Friday, 7 January 2011

TP 129: Wet

Winter rain.
The damp seeps into my bones
Just from watching it
Through the window.


  1. great wet snow so calming against your window pane...nice poem you gave it....

  2. Great picture! Cold, damp, gray days give me that feeling too.

  3. Wonderful picture! I love watching the rain fall!

  4. Your getting the same weather as I am then :), I don't mind the rain so much its the grey day that bothers me, the world has no colour. I was out today and it was just overcast all day :(

    Your photo is lovely rain on the window is always nice to look at and to me the sound of rain outside is the best music especially when it is accompanied by a whoo hoo wind (Well that is as long as I don't have to go out in it)

  5. Chibi, we had some whoo hoo wind yesterday too.

    My favourite is lying in a tent listening to rain... just as long as I'm not desperate for the loo ;-)

  6. Great shot and your words are a wonderful match to the mood..
    Well done!!

  7. We've just had weeks of rain here in Victoria, Australia, so seeing some summer sun over the last couple of days has been a wonderful relief! Yet I still find raindrops on glass are somehow calming, soothing, reaching right to the soul!

  8. hi there, happy new year. I feel I know that view:)

  9. Powerful imagery, this. There's a huge psychological impact associated with rainy days. You're right: Sometimes, just seeing it through the window is enough to feel it inside. Wonderfully painted!


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