Tuesday, 4 January 2011

First day back at school!

That seemed like a long day.

This morning I had my first walk down the High Street for 6 months! I enjoyed looking in the shop windows and seeing some photos of the town in the snow; then went to see my doctor for a chat about various things like medication, driving etc.  Nothing new to report on that front.

I was officially back at work today, so while Mr H finished packing I got on with reading e-mails until he was ready to leave at midday.  It was sad to wave him away, as it always is, but now I find that after about an hour I start to switch back to my 'other' routine. I actually feel more miserable the night before he goes.  Still I have Django here to keep me company; I think the flat in Scotland may be cold and empty without him. 

I have heard that Mr H arrived back ok after a good drive. Despite plans to go back in the Golf, he has taken the Transporter van as he is hoping to move house soon.  He got back to find his shower room in disarray as there had been a burst pipe (an ongoing affair since before Christmas); seems like the landlord isn't the sharpest knife in the box about pipework.  Anyway regarding moving, we're keeping our fingers crossed that he can get something soon that is a) cheaper rent and b) with an open fire or woodburner, as his current flat costs a fortune to heat.

This afternoon I worked on a data list which I have to do every year at the end of December/beginning of January. Because of the seasonal nature of our work, we start every year with a new computer program which needs testing, there are annual changes which need explaining to the staff and going through, and then the renewal forms start piling through the door (or rather into the e-mail).   So going back after Christmas isn't just a case of carrying on with what we were doing before, everything is different. 

Because of this I really don't like the first couple of weeks back at work, before things settle down again. It really feels like going back to school! Anyway, as I had so many interruptions today, I ended up working on the list much later than I should have done but never mind.

I have agreement from the boss and my doctor that I will be going into the office on Mon, Wed and Thurs mornings. That sounds much more manageable so we'll see how it goes, starting tomorrow.

Time for bed for me now, my brain hurts from looking at numbers!


  1. Looking at numbers all day would hurt my brain too LOL...have a good rest

  2. Burst pipes suck.
    I mean they really suck. (the poor thing) I'll hope that the hunt turns up something that works better for him...WITH a huge bathtub of course!

    In the meantime....step AWAY from the numbers.
    And I gotta say, I think three mornings a week is a wise thing for today.
    Just sayin'......

  3. Numbers are almost as exhausting as lots of family over the holidays....we all need rest and breaks of just empty bliss! Good idea on the work thing...and here's to luck for Mr. H. I am happy though that Django is home with you...we hear and see more of him at your family homesite! Sleep well!

  4. I know what you mean about saying goodbye to your husband. I often miss my guy the most when he's just preparing to leave, and then shortly after he's gone I've gotten absorbed in some pleasant activity and don't miss him at all.

  5. Yay for your first walk down High St! And yay that you get to start out slowly at work. I think a full time schedule would be bad for anyone's recovery. At least mentally. :)

  6. It seems as if you are making such consistent and steady progress - good for you!

    But I agree with the 3 mornings a week too - just take it in small steps- pun intended ;)

    Django will be good therapy as well, although I guess Mr H is going to miss him.

  7. Well I hope everything works out for you. DJ will help you be less lonely and will make time go by faster until you see Mr. H again.



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