Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Finding myself

I thought that for your amusement I would post some pictures of myself in various phases of haircuts/styles/colours:


  1. very cute and sassy...all of them :)

  2. Wow! You are a woman of a hundred haircuts. I love the short platinum blond look!

  3. Through them all you have a lovely smile! Best ever cuz it appears real!.... and if I say the last one (presently ?) is my favorite hair style.... just saying!

  4. Jenny are you thinking of a new style?

  5. Karen - yes the last one is as current (when I can be bothered to straighten it!) and no I'm not looking for a change, I like it at the moment. Just fiddling with by half-inches here and there ;-)

    My mother HATES it straight because I don't look like her little girl any more.

  6. The first and last ones are my favorite.


  7. Ah.

    Well, as a woman who grew up with curly, unruly hair--it was my MISSION to get it straight. I dyed it once--jet black. OMG..... *laughing*

    Today--the byproduct of chemotherapy that oft times changes the hair structure, straighter than a board.
    And graying.
    THAT--is the byproduct of being hitched to The Brit. *snickering*
    I'm gonna tell him I said that! LOLOL

  8. The recent style is the best, It looks really good on you. Me and my hair I want my fringe white hairs to become more prominant as I think it would look cool against my dark hair.


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