Sunday, 30 January 2011

Spot's Spot: Sunday in the park

Mum and I had a great walk in the park this morning. It was frosty and tingly in my toes and the sun was out and happy. We meandered through the rhododendrons and exchanged remarks on the marvellous morning with other dog people.

We met a yellow Labrador called Lola.  I don't know if she is a showgirl but she's a bit nuts, we met her once before and Mum had to fend her off jumping on her leg.  And she's not very obedient. 

Mum and I giggled as we walked off after seeing her charging off towards some other people, hearing her owner: "Lola! come here! Lola! Lola! Come HERE!! LOLA!!!!" 

Yet again I am proved to be perfectly behaved and cognitively superior to other 4-legged... oh hang on there's a squirrel! I'll be right back....


  1. squirrels do it every time lol

  2. Django sure has a way with words - "frosty and tingly in my toes" - pure poetry!

  3. *laughing*

    I sooooooo relate to the puppy.

    I do very well until something gets my attention--which is....oh...about every 5 seconds maybe?


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