Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I was just looking at the OU website and there staring at me was the date for my Psychology exam:  14th June. Others in my tutor group are already mugging up on stuff and working through revision notes and probably doing practice exam papers.  Personally I'm concentrating on getting through the coursework and assignments we have to do before then.  Yet again my lack of obsession passion for anything is shining through, I am not living, breathing, eating and drinking DSE212 or spending 4 hours a day on the forum comparing notes on what a critical trial is and why it doesn't say in the book.   I know that if I start panicking about the exam now, I'll still have forgotten everything by then and will have be stressed out in the process.

This Saturday we have a 6 hour., yes 6 HOUR! tutorial on psychological research methods.  I've taken Friday afternoon off work to give myself a top up of mental energy reserves, it sounds as though I'm going to need it.   It does sound as though it might be quite fun though, I'm rather hoping I get to be in the participant group and have vigorous discussion about something like "people should be able to drive 4x4s without penalty" or "men shouldn't be allowed to buy bras for their women".   Meanwhile the 'researchers' have to count how many times people interrupt, and whether men interrupt more than women, and whether they do it in different ways or use hand gestures (!?).

I found this picture while I was randomly looking through my photos for something else, and reckoned I could create some tenuous link to the post topic..

"Studying - Gateway to... who knows what?"



  1. Happy studying. I remember having all day Chemistry study sessions, with the right people they're fun!

  2. First of all--I like the photo.

    Second of all....ummm....what is 'mugging up'?!
    Yes, I know we speak 'English'--but you speak English English and I speak....LOL....well, heck--'jibberish' is what himself calls it.

    Whazheknow... Hmmmmpf....

  3. I love the photo too - gateway to who knows where...................
    Good luck on Saturday. Does it count as a 'local trip' that you can drive yourself? And I'm very proud of you for taking the time off before so that you are not overdoing things ;-)

  4. I say this is a gate to, escape from madness of too much work!!!! Grrrrr! I'm jumping through now! Okay, yeah Yeah...I know it's only a short, not long enough lunch break! But you gave me a gate right?????/

  5. Mel: "Mugging up" is revising or topping up on information. For instance you'd 'mug up' about the company if you were going for an interview, or mug up details about someone important you were about to have to make small talk with ;-) it does sounds stupid now I write it again!

    Rosie: No I wouldn't drive to Southampton, I'm getting the train from Brock. Yes I'm rather proud of myself too! Just have to make sure I DO take the afternoon off and switch the work laptop off. Will take Django out I think.

    Karen: I hope you had a nice escape during your lunch hour :-)


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