Sunday, 9 January 2011

Spot's Spot: Can you see my halo?

Hmm yes well.  Went for the walk to the park today in the company of Mum, Cazerama, her boyfriend and his young Labrador that I mentioned before. 

He's really not my sort of dog, he's 14 months old and built like brick sh1t house if you'll excuse my language.  Anyway he wouldn't leave me alone, didn't quite get round to trying to make puppies but took rather too much interest in my genitals for my liking.  I kept trying to tell him to back off but he wasn't having any of it. In the end he went on the lead because he was being a real pest.

Not only that but he totally ignored his owner, he basically has the man wrapped around his little finger; I heard Mum sighing in frustration a few times. Now I know that's not the dog's fault, it's lack of proper training.  I think Mum was almost embarrassed at how well behaved I was, just being my normal self. Like coming when called; waiting when she said 'Django, wait'; minding my own business with other dogs etc.    She said something about him needing the Mr H treatment - firm but fair - well it never did me any harm.

I don't think we'll be going out with him again.

For a picture today, here is me supervising the leaf raking at Christmas.

Have a good week everybody!



  1. Is a bit of a pain when a dogs not trained and let of a lead, though 14 month is Doggy teenage years which can turn a well behaved dog into a demented beast. Sadly its flexy lead for my dog as he has a high prey drive if small fluffy beasts are involved no re-call and no amount of prime meat in owners hand will stop him chasing that squirrel up a tree.

  2. My wife has been having trouble with my little Lylah this week. I think she needs Victoria Stilwell.

  3. i see the halo...good dog :D

  4. I can see by your demeanour that you're a dog of integrity and decorum, Django.

    Well done, that dog!

  5. Oh my goodness Django you are the most perfect "superdogvisor" ever! and such so gosh darn cute!

  6. Well done Django! Lets hope your perfect example will be followed.


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