Saturday, 15 January 2011

TP 130: Far from home

Bangkok Airport

I took this photo while I was waiting for my connecting flight to Phuket, on my first trip out for the King's Cup regatta in December 2006. I was travelling alone, long haul to a place I'd never been to before, and was a bit trepidatious of everything from finding the taxi at Phuket airport, to what they were expecting of me during the week, to whether I'd know more than two people when I got there.

As usual, all my fears disappeared as things fell into place, and I could enjoy the wondrous differences between Thailand and England.


  1. Very lovely photo.....someday I hope to visit this place as well.....before this passport expires!

  2. OMG,that is a gorgeous photo.. I love the shapes.. The angles and colors, I had no idea Thailand looked like that..

  3. Thats a wonderful photo, Must say I am having trouble with a photo for this week theme as I don't travel anywhere really oh well.

    Juniper I have nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award . No pressure to participate but it a little thankyou as I really enjoy reading your blog posts

  4. Oh what a beautiful place to step into. :-)

  5. now .....correct me if i'm wrong, but we don't do airports like that over here do we?

    But Why Not!

  6. I wish all airports looked like this. The landscaping is spectacular: Just the thing to make the soul smile after a long, tiring journey.

  7. It would certainly be much more pleasant waiting for a flight at Heathrow if there was a view like that!


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