Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Joint effort

"So, I suppose you're off to the office today again Mum *sigh".. It's ok I'll be ok here on my own. Don't worry about the fact that I've not had a walk for two days. No really, it's fine. I'll just read a book or something."

"Yeah, I'm really sorry Django, but it's dark in the evenings and I'm too tired to get up extra early to take you out before work. I'll have to see if Grandad can take you out again soon."

(gets his collar off the hook by the door, the buckle jangles).

"Huh? Hey! is that my collar?"

"Yep, it is."

"Cool, cool, COOOOOL! where are we going? BRILLIANT! are we going now?  come on come on! what are you doing?  Let's GO!!  don't worry about shoes or a coat, it's not that cold. Come ON!  Let's GO!!!"

"OK, out you go. Oh hold on I need your bed. And a lead, and some bags.  And my crutch if we're going to stop in the park and.... Aagghh! it's like going somewhere with a two year old, all this stuff."

"Come ONNNNNNN!  Lemme in the car! are we going in the car? or out of the gate? Come ON!"

"Alright alright, in you get."

"Wheeee!!! we're going out!"

So you get the picture...  the Spotty Dog and I stopped at the park on the way to work, and then he proceeded to SLEEP for most of the day in the office in front of the heater.   He was in heaven. And it's amazing how stress-free an office is when you come across this sight - can't help but smile!


  1. That's so cute! <3

  2. that is to dogs can relate

  3. It was 'Take your puppy to work day' and I didn't know it?!


  4. A doggie in the house or office is always the best medicine! ..and sleeping with other warm bodies near...priceless!


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