Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Spot's Spot: Just the Two of Us

Well after her pathetic attempts last night, Mum has got a decent log fire going this evening!    You'll be pleased to hear she has turned her work computer off at 5pm so has more time for meeeee - well, for watching me sleep at any rate.  Maybe even a cuddle later, though she won't let me get on her lap :-(

Dad isn't here again today, and I got left alone at home this morning while Mum went to the office, so I guess this means we are back to Routine A again.   It's quite confusing for a dog of little brain really, all this coming and going and people here then not here; then out at work and then not.  I have to say, this is more what I'm used to, I mean I've spent more of my life sleeping all day than I have out inspecting Forest tracks and planting sites.

Mum made some mention of going for a walk this morning but I think she forgot it would be dark when she got up. Then it is wet and horrible this evening so I was quite happy just to have my tea and not get rained on.

My friend Cazerama came this morning to pick up Mum, I gave her my biggest grin. She is one of my dog walkers so I love her, we might go out at the weekend. She has a naughty young dog coming to stay, I think I would be a good influence on him. Although he might be one of those annoying ones that jumps all over me, grrrrr gerrroff!

Aaargghh look at those grey eyebrows!  Do they do Grecian 2000 for dogs.....?


  1. awww i hope that young whippersnapper won't be to much of a nuisance

  2. Oh just Django you're so cute. Just bring out some of your new Christmas toys and show that new doggie a trick or two from a pro! I'm Happy your are back home again! ;) bark, bark, bark...

  3. Oh what a smart one! Figured it out--the routine jazz.

    No worries--I have faith puppy will take the time to interrupt and give you a run for your money.

  4. Awww I'm glad that he has a dog walker! A big dog like DJ needs his exercise!


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