Sunday, 30 January 2011

File closure

The file is closed.  I can throw away the police blood sample that I've been faithfully keeping in the fridge for the last 7 months!

PC Phil came to see me, complete with flak jacket and a crammed full lever-arch case file. After a lot of noise at the door, Django decided he was OK and after 2 minutes was his best friend. I was pleased to hear that I'm looking a lot better than last time PC Phil saw me, at the scene, not that I knew he was there.

Being traffic police, he's been through all this a million times and the most common question people ask is "Why?" just like I did, hoping for some tangible explanation. I suppose it's our need to categorise things, and also in my mind I wanted to have reason to think it was less likely to happen again.

The passenger was apparently asleep, and the two children were playing together in the back seat.  In reality, she just failed to correct for the slight bend in the road and went straight on.

It was just one of those things.   I now know all I'm going to know about it, and I can move on from it.

As PC Phil said, how long have I been driving?  27 years.
How many times has this happened to me?  Once.

Yep, statistically I'd be damn unlucky if it happens again, or someone has got it in for me as he put it.

If only people were like dogs, we agreed - the average, well looked after dog doesn't worry about cause and effect. Life happens, then you go to sleep and wake up and it's another day. No expectations, no regrets, no worries; no 'what ifs', no 'if onlys'.

Maybe I should ask Django for some tips.


  1. I think you have to wait for dementia :-) No memory of what has happened so just onwards and upwards.

  2. Django might have the answers :(

  3. (((((((( Juniper )))))))))

  4. I bet its nice to finally have it all over, I know we were relived that the whole process was over and done with after my Hubs had been knocked off his bike by a car. The whole process just hangs over you until its finally over and sometimes you do not realise how much so until it is over.

  5. Thanks girls.

    Chibi, not quite all over yet as I still have the insurance stuff to sort out. That will include a medical exam and it sounds like I'll have to go through all the explanations of what happened, again :-/


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