Friday, 14 January 2011

Feelgood Friday - an attempt!

Well after yesterday's rant, and the fact that no-one told me they were re-booting the server at work this morning so it hung in the middle of my remote login, I am trying to shift myself from Grrr mode into zen Feelgood Friday mode...

1.  As I said yesterday, I am now cleared for driving short distances.  I can drive myself to work, to my parents', to the Forest to walk Django, to the train station, to the dog food store, to my friend's house 5 miles away. When I actually drove on the road yesterday, it was as if I had never stopped, it was all natural.  Well I suppose 27 years worth of experience means that it's fairly ingrained but still I was surprised that I didn't 'notice' it more.

My parents' reaction to me telling them was complete surprise and a warning Not to Do Too Much and a stern look. *sigh*.   Oh and apparently my mother is 'worried about the way I limp'.  What???  I limp (a bit) because I am not yet fully weight bearing, oh and because my leg hurts!  And when I'm tired or my leg is tired, then I limp more noticeably.  I can see that I am going to have to have a little chat on Sunday when I see them.

OK this zen thing seems to have slipped off the rails a bit...

2.  It's Friday so that means tomorrow is the weekend, hurrah!   I will spend most of tomorrow studying and preparing for my research experiment/report which makes up TMA (assignment) 03.  This week I will be running the experiment with 4 participants who will be friends or work colleagues.  But that is the easy bit, writing up the intro, design/method and results will be the time consuming bit but I can get all but the results done beforehand.   At the moment I am awaiting the result of TMA02 which I submitted ages ago, but the deadline was only the 12th Jan so I might get the results in the next 7 days or so. I've kind of forgotten about that one now.

3.  My hair is Red Passion again :-)  My best friend G and I had a hair dying session at her house last night - hers strawberry blonde and mine red.   The last time I coloured it I used a mid-brown to see what it would look like, but it didn't have much effect on the hair that was red from previously, and the roots looked liked roots.  So this time I went back to Schwartzkopf shade no.43 which is much more 'me'! 

4.  In three weeks time I will be in Scotland for a long weekend :-)  though I'm not currently sure which property we'll be living in!

5.  Spring is coming!   Bulbs are starting to show their heads in the garden and new shoots are appearing on shrubs and trees.  The blue tits have been sussing out the bird box.  And the days are getting longer, albeit almost imperceptibly.

Hmmm, well still not feeling completely zen.  I'm really in one of those moods where I just want to lock myself in and not talk to anyone. I will try harder....


  1. A mothers concern can be a touch irritating can't it? :D

    I wish I was looking forward to the weekend more. I have this posh party I have to attend Saturday night and I really don't want to go!

    Hope yours is a good one!

  2. Oh....well...she's a mom! She's just doing what mom's do. (lucky you to be so loved!)

    And yeah that it's Friday.
    I--will celebrate this by locking myself in the office and bonding with a word doc.....that got lost yesterday.......omg....

  3. Hold on.

    You have bulbs showing their shoots?!

    I so need that book on the sidebar.......

  4. I think short bits of lock yourself in and not talk to anyone are good. As long as you come out 'a smiley person'.
    Mum's worry because that's what they do. Goes with the territory. Sometimes they worry because in protecting them from stuff you forget you haven't told them some of the details??
    But it's always hard when they don't react in the way you expect/want them to. It did just occur to me that maybe Mums like it when their fiercely independent daughter has been a bit more needy and a bit of them is sorry to see that go. Maybe.

  5. Rosie (and all) - I know I know, crikey I'm studying psychology wouldn't you think I'd work that out? but I can't when it's ME and MY mother. And you're probably right about her rather liking me being needy, because really I never am. And it really goes against the grain to ask her to do things that I want to do myself. Maybe I should ask her to darn my socks instead of me learning to do it myself.. *sigh*.

    I guess as I don't have any children I can't relate to it so well as those of you who have.

    It reminds me of a friend of ours who bred Django's dad. When out for a walk in the forest she'd be calling "oh oh, be careful! slow down!" to her Pointers, who of course totally ignored her and bombed around in and out of the trees. Hmm, sounds familiar now? ;-)

  6. @LL Cool Joe - good luck with the party! I never been very good at posh do's, I can't be bothered with all the getting ready and polite conversation ;-)

  7. Hello - Nice to met you - I'm stopping by from Feel Good FRiday Blog Hop - Spring & Scotland those sound like things to feel good about :D

    take care-Amy

  8. Congrats on your FGF and your leg doing better! Enjoy your red hair. It's a fun color.

    Crazy about spring. Winter just started less than a month ago, but it's been 11-12° for the past week or so. I was definitely expecting colder weather when I moved to London, so this is a surprise! I haven't seen bulbs poking up yet, but I'll be on the lookout.

    Enjoy Scotland! I head up there for a weekend trip in March.

    Happy weekend!!

  9. Glad your restrictions are being lifted but take it from this mom, you could be 100% perfectly fine, but the first rule in the MOTHER'S HANDBOOK is to LOVE your child and rule number to is to WORRY about your child. Rule 3 is go back to rules 1 and 2.

  10. Bulbs beginning! OMG Zen it has to be then, you are so lucky....we get more snow today, tonight, hey it's like Minnesnowta and if not snow then its cold, cold brrrr..but good news one of my outside Tom Cats, found his way home again...I don't say much (so not to jinx)when he's gone (maybe it's a guy thing 4 him I know) but when he returns after 4 days I REJOICE! .......but a Tom cat is simply a Tom cat! Have a great fun-filled-Zen-driving-Beautiful Red hair-weekend!

  11. Yes, I am VERY JEALOUS that you have signs of spring where you are. We still have quite a haul before we're at that stage...

  12. Sounds like you'll have a productive weekend ahead of you Juni, I'm sure you'll have fun! :D

  13. Wow, you're already seeing bulbs start to come up??? we have a few more minutes of daylight each day, but the bulbs are still snug in their beds for another month or two.

  14. Congrats on being cleared for driving. Sounds like you have a lot of good things going on!


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