Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year and the F-It Revolution

At work we name files with a date code which is year-month-day ie. today would be 110101; which makes today a binary day, nice and neat.

I have a journal which I write in periodically, not every day.  In the past I have kept diaries which I have written every day, until I learned that it was a lot more healthy to talk to people about how I was feeling instead of bottling it up. So now I just write occasionally when I have something I want a record of, or feel strongly about.   This morning I wrote "It's January 1st, I know I'm supposed to write something meaningful in my journal. F** it, I'm not going to."  I feel that this is a portentious for the year ahead.

You will see from my side bar that I am currently reading a book called "f**k it : the ultimate spiritual way" which I borrowed from a counsellor friend.  In essence it is a book about acceptance.  Of ourselves, of our friends, of those things we cannot change.   Nothing new there of course, but this book is a) written by a British person eg. not American and b) amusing whilst making you think "You know what? you're absolutely right!".     Despite the title, it isn't an offensive book, he just chose that phrase because it encompasses so many things; in fact he is the Son of a Preacher Man (cue Dusty Springfield).

One of the epiphanies he relates was while on the step machine at the gym, looking around him at all the people pretending to row, or run, or climb mountains, or chop logs, or start a lawn-mower, while staring at MTV to take their minds off the ridiculousness of it all.  He says he just pressed the Stop button, got off the machine, had the best shower of his life, never went back to the gym and got a life instead.

I have done the gym thing in the past (and I have to admit it did cure my bad knee) but it is really a ridiculous pastime for those of us who live in a rural area, when you think about it.  Fair enough if you live in the city and have no gardening to do or wood to cut or woods and fields to walk/run around - but if you live anywhere that it's possible, get out there in the fresh air and get your exercise naturally, and FREE!

I am naming this new philosophy the F-It Revolution.


  1. Nice! I like that philosophy. It's one I aspire to myself.

    I also don't have much love for gyms. I simply have never gotten my driver's license, which forces me to do a lot of walking. It also forces me to carry things, like taking my lunch to work, or bringing home groceries, which is another form of exercise. Even running to catch a bus helps. So I save $ on gym membership and on car fees, and I get lots of fresh air.

  2. now there is a revolution I gladly join :)

  3. I left a comment here yesterday and it didn't show up!

    I agree. I prefer to get my exercise on our land, chopping, cutting, cleaning, clearing etc. My partner on the other hand, doesn't and spends too much time, and money, in the gym.

  4. Just love the picture, blue sky, snow and no crutches and such! Cool! I must/will find that book...sounds like a needed read for me. Another blogger gave me an idea to use a word theme, and another blogger yet is using the word I need. "Be Remarkable!" defines me in 2 ways the most important is to be ABLE to REMARK cuz in my life often I don't when I me a shmuck, is that the word? Well, you know what I mean....anyway your post really adds to making a person REMARKABLE! ;)

  5. Okay. That's it--I'm finding the book and awarding it to himself.
    Of course, I'll read it...but if I gift it to him maybe he'll actually GET it.


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