Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Not the most relaxing day...

Mel, you would have been proud of me today.  I took Kristi my office elephant into a technical meeting today and he helped - it's good having something soft and comforting for your hands to play with while you think.  Neither the boss nor my other colleague batted an eyelid.

Apparently, research has discovered that 11am on a Tuesday is the most stressful time of the working week.  Well it certainly happened today, I got frustrated about a misunderstanding/lack of communication and my boss blew his pressure valve.  We ended up in another all-day technical meeting today, trying to sort out issues.  It's been a very stressful couple of months for him and I guess I just punctured the balloon. Ended up with me bawling my eyes out and having half an hour's time-out cup of tea and a chat with one of the girls, and the boss and I apologising to each other for being insensitive.   I can't really handle stress or conflict well at the moment. In fact I can't handle it at all.

So, that wasn't good, but within an hour it was done, dusted and out of the way and we got on with our discussions and work as normal.  No sulking in sight, that's for sure. 

Sometimes just when I think I'm getting more back to normal reactions to things, something comes along and slaps me in the face again.

I think Kristi will be coming to all my meetings in future.


  1. Kristi looks like a great buddy...glad it got sorted out

  2. Yeah Cam Man got me a huge teddy bear that I sleep with and I got him a penguin pillow pet. It's nice to snuggle when I'm feeling down.


  3. Hooray Jenny for you being YOU! I say go for it...if it makes you feel better! BTW, Kristi spelled exactly like that is my sister-in-law's name how funny is that! Your little adorable Kristi looks quite loved too!

  4. Oh gosh......I am sooooooooo proud!!!!!


    Yesterday I took Mr. Ribbit to work and carried him in my pocket during the day. "Ms. Mel--ummmm....there's a frog in your pocket."

    Yeahyeah....I know that trick--tell me there's a frog in my pocket and try to get me to look away so you can steal my pencil or somethin'! I'm smarter than THAT, tyvm!

    I carried that frog around all day.
    Worked like a charm. Never once acknowledged the frog to anyone else--made 'em all giggle a bit! And I'd get a break from the silly paperwork I was doing ....and lots of SORTA unsolicited attention! k....I might like attention on occasion. LOL

    And Mr. Ribbit got a day out! :-)
    And I never once said a bad thing about the stupid paperwork.
    I'm disallowed from being grumpy when in the possession of Mr. Ribbit, dontchaknow!

    I like Kristi. I think she likes you, too. :-)

    JUST sayin'.....

  5. I wish I had an office elephant!


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