Wednesday, 2 February 2011

And now for a short break....

Hello, just to let you know not to worry about me if I'm not around for a few days. It's time for my visit to see Mr H, I'm flying up tomorrow and can't wait! 

Django is going to stay with my parents for the first time; hopefully not the last. I guess that will depend on how much he whines during the night, right below their bedroom....

The work 'crisis' is sorted.  Not in the way we expected, but at least I had time to get some work done today before going away.

So, bye for now. Backson.

'Owl looked at the notice again. To one of his education the reading of it was easy.
"Gon out, Backson. Bisy, Backson" -- just the sort of thing you'd expect to see on a notice.
"It is quite clear what has happened , my dear Rabbit," he said.
"Christopher Robin has gone out somehwere with Backson. He and Backson are busy together.
Have you seen a Backson anywhere about in the Forest lately."'
from here


  1. Have a wonderful visit Juniper. Be a good boy Django.

  2. Oh. Well--I'da suggested LOTS of whining for the puppy. It could involve treats! :-/

    Safe journey, ma'am.
    And make loads of happy memories!!


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