Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Between us, Mr H and I seem to have spent the last month WAITING.

Waiting for the job advert to come out.
Waiting to catch a flight to Scotland (or home).
Waiting to hear if he got an interview (yes).
Waiting for my friend to be 12 weeks pregnant so it's not a secret any more (yesterday)
Waiting for the interview (end of next week)
Waiting for my latest OU assignment mark (aagghh soon, please!)
Waiting for an appointment to see a specialist (for the insurance).

"Waiting" sugggests inactivity but don't worry, we're doing things while we wait ;-)  


  1. Ah, yes, a lot of life is waiting. Good thing that most of those things on your list look like they're worth waiting for.

  2. Brilliant that he got an interview. I hope you've got those 'waitings' on a list that you can cross off very very heavily in black pencil.

    Are you of the frame of mind that needs to know everything about the new place - if the job involves a move - and spends time imagining life there (that's me).

    Or not even bear to think about it until it's all done and the job's his?

  3. Ugh.

    Well, no secret here when I share that I suck at waiting.
    Must be why I get a lot of practice in it, huh? LOL

    Maybe I oughta pretend to be better at it than I am so we can move on to another lesson. *laughing* I bet that won't work.


    You're doing fine. Better than me, for sure. I've been known to drum fingers and sigh a lot. But I'm kinda keen on being upfront with the universe on what I think about the lesson that I'm getting practice in.

    LOL Not exactly the shy and demure type!

  4. Rosie - a bit of both. We want to know what it's like, what the towns are like and how easy it is to get accommodation etc. and we went over to see it when I was last up there. But we don't get ahead of ourselves to avoid big disappointment if it doesn't happen.

    Mel - I'm only irritated about my OU mark as lots of people have had theirs!


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