Friday, 11 February 2011

The Great Kindle Debate

I generated a large number of comments on Facebook the other day when I said I was considering buying a Kindle electronic book-reader (is that what you call them?). 

Picture from Amazon

Most of the comments were in favour of them, people saying that they read more now they have one, and how useful they are for travelling.    The screen is clear and not like reading off a back-lit computer screen, the books are free or cheap and it holds 3,500 books at a time.  

However, I (and Rosie) can't get away from the fact that nothing compares with reading a real book. The look, feel, turning of the pages, smell of the paper. And what about lending/borrowing books from friends?

For myself, I can think of times where it would be useful not to have to carry bulky novels, but really it is a 'one hand' number of times a year.  Deep down I know that the attraction is that of having something new to play with, which will get put a way in a drawer and used once a year.

What do you think about books in general, or the Kindle or other equivalent electronic book-readers?


  1. I am a lover of books! I didn't even know what a Kindle was until a few weeks ago. I'll never resort to that device. I prefer the page turning book any day!

  2. Well, given that the majority of the books I read today are 'professional' or spiritual in nature--and given that I've finally (!!!) in my...*ahem*....maturity(?) given myself permission to write, underline, highlight and make notations in books.....

    Whaddaya think I'm going for?! LOL

    Was a time I wouldn't even put my NAME on a book. they're minemineMINE all MINE!

  3. Mel - couldn't possibly write in a book! Very very occasionally in pencil. Although aged about 8 I had a phase of writing my complete name and address including England, Great Britain, Europe, The World, The Universe.......... but then I only had about 2 and they had to be claimed as mine not my brothers.

  4. *laughing*

    I know the terror of even the THOUGHT! ;-)

  5. I write in my OU text books, but never in novels or my other books.

  6. I have a Kindle, but I still read paper books. There's a place for both types of reading in my life.

  7. I love the real thing lol read some books so much the pages keep falling out have to keep taing them lol

  8. I love books, and the Kindle is cool and is useful when you have a repotoire of books that you have to read or you are a fast reader, but NOTHING compares to reading a real book.


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