Saturday, 26 February 2011

Spot's Spot: moving house and new tricks

Hi everyone, sorry I've not been here for a while, I've been SOOOOO busy!  you would not believe. 

Yep, rushed off my feet, barely time to breathe let alone think. What with going to work with Mum sometimes, and then all the eating and sleeping and stuff. You know how it is!

I have moved house, well not house but rooms. Mum has decided to move my big bed (that I have ruined - the floor of it is now one huge hole where I have been scratching at it and doing my 'nesting' thing) out of the kitchen. For a couple of weeks I have had a bed in the corner down by the desk and I like it there, so she decided that can be my new permanent place, and I don't need the big bed there because it's cosy anyway.   She's pleased because now there are less fewer dog hairs in the kitchen (at least, she reckons they are my fault and I can't be bothered to argue).

Also I tend to follow my bed around the house now.  Sometimes when she is studying upstairs she takes one of my beds up and that means I'm allowed to come and lie in the same room as her.  But I'm not allowed up there if I'm not invited.  To be honest the stairs are a bit of a pain but when she's up there for hours it's nice to keep her company.

I've learnt some new phrases recently :  1) 'Come up' which means I'm allowed upstairs as aforementioned and 2) 'See you later' which means she's going out without me so I may as well go back to bed.

Anyway, I have more sleeping to do so must dash.

Love Django xx


  1. Congratulations on your new bedroom! May you have many peaceful happy hours of sleeping in it.

  2. Barney dog says - Yes stair are a pain but at least you don't have white gate that blocks the way, which appered in our house when pack had the two leg, no tail puppy that seems to be taking forever to grow.

  3. So happy to hear your bark again! ..and yes it's very important to be eating and sleeping and such Django! I'm happy that your Mum can speak dog talk too...besides what you've learned! I know that makes your doggy are no matter what a very loved dog, I just know!

  4. Barney - oooh good luck with that 2-legged, no tail puppy!!

    Dj x


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