Friday, 18 February 2011

Catching up and taking a breather

I'm taking a break from The Essay to say hello and catch you up with some stuff... not that anything hugely exciting has happened, everything seems to be a bit limbo-ish at the moment. The waiting sort, not the contorting under a horizontal pole sort.

I have recovered from the cold, which decided to go on for nearly a week in the end, so that got me down, especially as I was getting stressed about The Essay at the same time. Thankfully now the cold has cleared, my mind is working better and I'm actually making some progress. Hopefully after another stint tomorrow morning I might be able to give it a break and do some other reading, and come back to it later.

The way the course is structured sometimes seems a bit odd. To take these few weeks as an example:
Wk 1/2 read the two chapters concerned with the next essay, which will be a choice of two questions.
Wk 3 read another chapter not related AT ALL to either question.
Wk 4 you get a 'TMA  week' which is for working on your essay.
Wk 5 a chapter of the Methods book.
Wk 6 another totally unrelated chapter, at the end of which the essay is due, and you've totally forgotten about the two chapters that were relevant to it, because you read them 4 weeks previously. 

Hence, although this essay isn't due until March 16th, I will do it now otherwise it will get mixed up with all the other information I have to fill my head with over the next month.

Mr H has submitted his application for the new job, which would effectively be a promotion to the level of his current boss, but in a different district.  Through his mole, he has found out that the first sift will be done on the 22nd, and interviews on the 4th March.   Hmmm, he has a flight booked to fly home on the 3rd March! firstly to see me (of course), secondly to see KT Tunstall live, and thirdly to come with me to my next x-rays. We had already worked out that because of the usual time spans of these things, it was highly likely that interviews would interfere with that visit, but we were hoping anyway.

So now we have two good news/bad news scenarios:  if he doesn't get an interview (bad), he will be coming home that weekend (good); if he does get an interview (good), then he will have to get another flight home a different weekend (bad ££).  So, we are now just waiting to hear if he gets an interview, and obviously, that latter option is the better of the two.  So we are feeling pretty pragmatic about the fact that he might not be home as soon as we thought, there's really no point in being any other way, is there?

Gratuitous Scotland photo

Next Thursday we are holding a 'workshop' at work, for all the staff to get together and discuss - well lots of stuff basically. All the 'it' phrases like team building and empowering just don't seem to fit our little team but I guess that's some of what it's about.   We had originally planned it for last year, June 28th, but of course that got canned due to the car crash the night before (I will do anything to get out of having to possibly speak in front of people!),   Anyway, it's been rehashed slightly, I've even done a power point thingy whatsit for one part of it, but decided against irritating flying words, you'll be pleased to hear. It's the first time we've done anything like this so it will be interesting to see how it goes, and whether anyone is talking to anyone else by the end of it.  Oh and we get lunch at the Sailing Club ;-)

So that's about it really.

Oh, and Django says "Hi everyone! xxx"


  1. Lunch at the sailing club--woooooooohoooooooo!!!

    One can endure a powerpointwhozitthingy if there's lunch at the sailing club following.

    Oh, and leave out those gakky terms just.....cuz.

    OMG I'm STILL trying to forgive my folks for 'uplift'.


    In the meantime--lemme cross fingers/toes and everything crossable on the opportunities!
    And I'll try not to drool over the KT Tunstall show......much......

  2. Hope the essay writing is going as planned. Love the 'gratuitous photo'. Maybe going for the interview - and of course getting the job - will add funds to the coffers to pay for the changed flights. Good luck with the sifting.

  3. What perks from your sailing life anyway for sure...that will rock your world...isn't it great mostly to have all that school stuff to occupy your mind right now? I hope things work out as you both want...people keep reminding me (in my own stuff) everything happens as ...I'm not even going to finish that cuz sometimes you just don't want to hear it. May LUCK be with you Jenny!

  4. Well things sound good in your neck of the woods. I wish you, Mr. H and DJ the best!

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps


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