Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The freedom of going alone

Today I did something I've never done before.

I booked a ticket to go to the theatre, to see 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.  Not just that, but I'm going alone, to a matinee in 10 days time.

It cancels out so many issues: no deciding who to ask along, no agreeing on which night suits us best, no wondering if we will want a drink in the interval, no discussion about eating beforehand.  Some people would hate to go out to something without company, but as someone who has had to eat in restaurants alone a few times, this is easy.  I like the freedom of being alone, although as social beings it doesn't often come easily to us, and we like to have props such as a book or newspaper. I think it takes practice and the knowledge that unless you are behaving strangely, no-one really notices or thinks you're a wierdo.

Having said that, I did once try long-distance walking on my own, and that was awful (and yes maybe some people thought I was a weirdo).  When you are hiking along an escarpment looking at the fantastic valley below you, and there is no-one to turn to and say "wow, look at that!", it feels extremely lonely.  I lasted one day. The second day I walked with a group I had met in the B&B the night before who took pity on me because I was so miserable!   I didn't see it through, but at least I tried it.

Picture from here, quote from To Kill a Mockingbird

So, back to the start of the post, many people read the book as part of their school curriculum. I didn't and it was just one of those titles that I knew, but didn't know the story until I finally got round to reading it last year.  I'm not going to postulate on the book or it's meanings, there are people far more qualified than I for that, but I am looking forward to seeing the stage interpretation of it.


  1. Good for you!. I have yet to venture on my own whether traveling or even the movies... I guess its because I've always had someone to do things with.. My daughters have traveled by themselves and know what its like to eat alone or go to a play by themselves... Wish I was around to see that play. The book and movie were fantastic.

  2. Awwwww. I'm proud for you.

    Here's one I learned for me a few years back--when himself was there and I was here. LDR's demand you do that or go nutz....and I admit, I could appear quite nutz on any given day of the week.

    Come to think of it, I learned before he happened into my life. And I got rather comfy at it. No one to steal my popcorn, dontchknow..and take my time with dinner, see what I long to see and not worry about the nuances of when, how and who. Just do!

    k....definitely need to ditch him and do some MEMEME time.
    Or.....maybe I need practice in 'couple' stuff since I'm so good at MEMEME maybe?

    Nah. *laughing*

  3. sounds great...i enjoy doing things on my own

  4. Mel, you could just go out occasionally. On your own ;-)

    I keep meaning to go and sit in the coffee shop in town and listen to people's conversations, but I haven't found time yet!

  5. Oh and I agree on the LDR's (now that I realise what you mean!) - yes you get on with it or go insane. And the 2nd option isn't really a viable one.

  6. Have you seen the movie? Gregory Peck IS Atticus. Oh so maybe not before you see the play duh.
    I spent a lot of time on my own when Tony was away a lot and am happy in cinemas and coffee places but always with home to scuttle back to.


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