Friday, 25 February 2011

Mix and match

I'm working at home this morning and have taken the afternoon off, I've run out of steam this week.   Other than one evening when I forced myself to watch some comedy on iPlayer, I've been in the office all day and then studying most of the evening. 

Yesterday's staff 'workshop' and discussion day went well and we got lots out of it, but our agenda was a little optimistic so we'll finish it off on Monday.    I also got my TMA03 mark back from my tutor, 76% which I was pleased with. Very consistent with my first two marks!  I am determined to get it higher in the one I am writing at the moment so last night I went through all the feedback I had, and made some notes.  Now I'm ripping my 2nd draft apart.... but we also have a tutorial tomorrow so no doubt that will throw some more spanners in the works.

Today's gratuitous photo is me, standing on one leg!!!  I suddenly discovered I could do this yesterday morning, without having to have a supportive hand on something, as I have done.  It's strange how things seem to change all of a sudden.

This afternoon I'm going to the picture framer's.   Many years ago I inherited a glass-fronted bookcase from my paternal grandfather. It's in 3 sections which sit on top of each other, and has hinged 'up and over' glass front on each section.   My grandfather was also an artist and when my parents were visiting his widow recently she gave them a small painting he'd done which includes the bookcase. She wanted whoever had the bookcase to have the painting, and she will pay for it to be reframed which it needs. 

So this afternoon I'm going off to get that sorted out, I've been recommended one not far away.   A friend used to do it locally and was great, she is an artist and has a great eye so knew exactly what would look good. A few years ago she sold her business and the chap who took it over just did what you asked for, was no good for suggesting what would suit the picture.  So I was stuck, but our friend recommended this lady, so fingers crossed!


  1. My Grandad painted too and I treasure the paintings he left behind....there is something rather magical about owning something that's been created by someone else! I love the fact that the painting features your cabinet.

    Good luck with the framers and 'Yay' to being able to stand on one leg *does happy dance on your behalf* (on one leg of course....more of a happy hop really!)

    C x

  2. That's good for you Juni! Yay! Glad you can stand on one leg again...I'm sure that's the one that you broke in the crash right?

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

  3. Standing on one leg again. Fantastic!

  4. Wooohooooooo.....flyin' along! :-)

    More progress!
    Keep pluggin' away on the paper. And congrats on the score.

    Oh look. Laundry. LOLOL I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

  5. Thanks Guys.

    Ditz: yes, right leg.

    Mel: there is ALWAYS laundry on that airer. It gets taken down when I need to put the next weeks' up, or wear it ;-)

  6. Super news Juniper. I had to laugh at your laundry tactic its so like mine :).


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