Sunday, 20 February 2011

Meet a new friend

Well everyone, let me introduce Cliff. 

Yes you can guess why he's called that can't you?  Yes another abandoned furry thing, left to get cold and wet, on the clifftop this time.

He's had a bath, and a tumble dry, and maybe I'll give him a carrot to knaw on later.. after he's finished reading the chapter on Freud.

Django and I walked quite a long way this morning, the cliff path (after the paved bit finished) was a bit muddy so we picked our way at a strolling pace.  The sea on the shingle below was so soothing, at one point we stood and shut our eyes and just listened to it, in and out, in and out.

This afternoon I went with my friend G to see the pony that she looks after two days a week.  She's a piebald cob mare, about 14.2hh, and very easy to handle.   I love the smell of stables, and horses, and hay. It makes me miss my riding days whenever I smell it.


  1. *waving*

    Hullo Cliff! :-)

    Ummmmmm......might I suggest a bit of Jung, instead? Goes better with carrots.
    JUST sayin'.....

  2. Oh you are the sweetest girl in all of (where ever you live) because most people would never think of bringing such an adorable little thing home and giving it the beauty make-over! Very darling new friend too....eats little, (if anything) and no messes to clean up! Hooray!

  3. We also have a little collection of lost toys that have been found out and about and I can relate to the love of that sweet smell of horse stables I love it also .


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