Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Shorts: still here

I have succombed to my first cold since before the crash, so that's about 8 months. I reckon that's good in anybody's book, especially as everyone around me seems to have suffered from colds/flu/nasty things over the last couple of months.  I guess my immune system (built up by never using any of those things that Kill 99% of All Germs) is still as strong as ever, but taking flights is the worst thing for catching stuff isn't it.

I've got a load more photos from the weekend, some of which I will share with you, but they aren't downloaded onto this computer yet. And right now I'm going to *** off and curl up with Oscar Wilde (well, his book, not him) and have an early night. Because I can.

Be back soon....


  1. Who better than Oscar to curl up to, well there's Django of course...of you're feeling better tomorrow! ;)

  2. Oh dear, yes, dry, canned airplane air is the worst for one's respiratory health. Get well quickly!

  3. Lots of hot lemon and honey with a little whiskey is good. Lots of whiskey with a little hot lemon and honey is even better... take care!

  4. Lots of kleenex--and stickers to dress up the box to make it your own!

    <-- liked hers with penguins. :-/

    Go figure....LOL

  5. Get well soon. I'm prone to colds as I spend my time taking my little boy to mingle with other little germ factories :)


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