Monday, 30 August 2010

Dreams and Reality

I have just been playing with the settings and design of my blog - I'm a Gemini and therefore like changing things just because I can...  I looked at the title of my blog 'Dreams and Reality' and thought back to the reason I called it that in the first place.   

At the time, September 2009,  I had just finished a year at home on my own, the last time Mr H. lived in Scotland for a year.  I was feeling liberated, self-discovered and open to the idea of climbing out of the rut.  I had signed up for OU and had probably just received my first pack of course materials; I was dreaming about the future....

Now, almost 12 months on, what are my Dreams and Realities?   

In my original post, I didn't mention Mr H. (since this is my blog, not his), but he is just starting to live his dream, the result of 3 years hard study - today is his first day working for Forestry Commission Scotland in Forest Management.  

My plans have moved on from studying Criminal Psychology to straight Psychology, "so that I have more choices in my new career" I tell myself.  I have my study path planned and all I have to do now is get the marks. Although I do not now feel so definite about leaving my current job, it's more a case of having choices.

The dream of moving up to Scotland.... well Mr H. and I were sitting on the verandah here one sunny evening this year, and we agreed that we never wanted to sell this house.  As he put it, he's "not finished with Lymington yet" and the reality is that we feel that we belong here.  A second house in Scotland is more likely to be on the agenda; in effect we now have that with the apartment he is renting.

My current reality of being stuck on crutches for months was not on my list of Dreams... but no experience is wasted.  It has brought to my attention all the things we take for granted, and when I am back on both feet I hope that I will make the most of it and not slip too quickly back into my old routines.

The one thing I have learned is that dreams and reality are both ever-changing: as one dream becomes a reality another should step up to take its place.


  1. I'm glad you guys aren't planning to sell the house any more. I love that you love it.
    I hope Mr H's first day/week are as good as he dreamed and that your reality gives you time to fine hone your dreams. x

  2. Dreams are important...but it's also important to update them to keep them relevant! I say go for it...dreams are there to be reached for :-)

    C x


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