Wednesday, 4 August 2010

More old dogs and new tricks

I have never been an A grade student academically; all through my O-levels, A-levels and various evening courses I have always achieved B or C grades.    I do have a vague recollection of getting Distinction in one of my violin exams in my teenage years, but I can't remember which one.

So when I received my result for the first year of my Open University study this morning it felt all the better to find I had achieved Grade level 1 - Distinction - with 88% overall for my first 6 assignments and 86% for my final 'exam' assignment, even more so because this last was marked by a different tutor.  

All the way through the course I have somehow felt like some kind of fraud as I got yet another 80+ mark for an assignment; surely this can't mean me?   I am just coming to terms that maybe I CAN actually do this, just as I told myself 18 months ago when I decided that if Mr.H could do a degree in his 40s then I damn well could as well!

I can't wait for my Year 2 pack to arrive in September, "Exploring Psychology", something to really get my teeth into.  Still I can't help thinking that my good grades were just because it was the 'easy' first year and from now on it will be different... but I am looking forward to trying to prove myself wrong!

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