Saturday, 21 August 2010

Things that go bump in the night

The first real feeling of helplessness came to me last night when I was woken with a start at 2am by a loud *bang*.   No noises followed it and I lay wondering whether it had happened or had I dreamt it?  Django came into my room to say hello but didn't seem perturbed so I took it that there wasn't a murderous intruder in the house.

Still I was relieved to find in the morning that a picture had fallen off the wall on the stairs, presumably dislodged by Mr H. moving furniture on Thursday!


  1. I'd be glad of a unbothered Django in the middle of the night.
    Are we going to have pictures of the new bed in situ?

  2. You mean Mr H's creation? Not got a mattress yet but I'm sure we will at some point!


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