Tuesday, 24 August 2010

More mind matters

This evening my mind seems to be a mass of rolling, conflicting, confusing, frustrating, loving, guilt-ridden, needy, independent, undulating emotions.

I don't know where to start with trying to sort out this knotted-up ball of elastic string.

I hereby turn off the light in the hope that the Angel of Clarity will visit me during the night....


  1. Well.................did the Angel of Clarity go bump in the night?

  2. The subconscious is a funny thing...it has a way of working things out when we're not paying attention!

    Hope your feeling better today

    C x

  3. I think she might have dropped by!

    I have inner conflicts going on between family wanting to be needed, and me being an independent person who needs her own space.

    I just need to try and explain this to my parents..


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